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Monterey Historics, Pre-Reunion and Reunion Track Recap

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

The Monterey Historics, Pre-Reunion and Reunion were full of plenty of highs and lows.

RM Motorsports (RM) transported 8 cars that they race prepared and supported at the track. The 50 th Anniversary of F5000 was celebrated throughout the Historics, RM showcased Kirt Bennett’s 1974 Lola 332 and Jim Bartel’s 1975 Shadow DN6, driven by Craig Bennett. CAN AM was represented by a 1973 Shadow DN2 and 1974 DN4-1A, 1966 Lola T70 MKII B and Lola 160. The marque at this year’s race was Nissan/Datsun.

Craig Bennett also drove a 1990 Nissan 300ZX that was originally driven by Steve Millen. The Pre-Reunion is a low-key weekend leading up to the Reunion. Craig and Kirt Bennett both lead the weekend with fastest times in their Shadows and F5000 cars.

The Reunion started on Thursday, August 16 th. All cars at under the RM Motorsports tent hit the track. Unfortunately, the day did not end on a positive note, with Kirt Bennett crashing his newly restored Shadow DN2. Kirt miraculously came away with only injuries to his feet, his car not so lucky. The RM crew showed their team spirit and strength in handling difficult situations under pressure. Lead by Adam Baldwin and Troy Whyte, Kirt’s car was gathered and loaded into the semi. From there the passionate and talented crew made their plan to prep the remaining cars for the rest of the weekend.

The CAN AM race had Craig Bennett starting on pole, donning “We miss you Kirt!” on the wing of the DN4, finishing 1 st . The 40-car field of F5000 cars, with several drivers from New Zealand, had Craig starting on the pole. Kirt was to start 2 nd , due to his accident, he watched the race from the hospital, with the other F5000 drivers showing their respect by leaving his starting position open. Craig won the race with a hefty lead ahead of the 2 nd place car. Due to the Prototype group race running late on Sunday, the 20-minute race was checkered flagged after 10 minutes, Craig Bennett finishing 2 nd of the GT cars.

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