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FOR SALE: 1957 Kurtis 500X

The aluminum body of this 1957 Kurtis 500X was built by Jack Sutton of Hollywood. Their intentions were, to build the car for the 1957 La Carrara Panamericana. But, AK Miller and Doug Harrison had to focus instead on the 1957 Mille Miglia, the La Carrara had been nullified due to accidental deaths among participants and spectators. It is the only American built sports racecar ever to race the Mille Miglia! It would be the 24th and final Mille Miglia, ending for the very same reason as the La Carrara.

After a mechanical failure ended the race prematurely, the car went to the Bonneville salt flats in August 1957, where it ran an impressive 176 MPH! It also participated in the first, 1958 Los Angeles Times Grand Prix at Riverside. Bobby Unser was piloting the car when it was involved in a crash during practice and was unable to make the race. The car was stored away in 1959. Resurfacing a few years ago, it received a proper restoration by one of the best, Tom Shaughnessy.

To learn more about the stunning 1957 Kurtis 500X contact Bud Bennett (248) 431-1680…

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