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SL70/10 was invoiced on 05/31/65 to the Shelby Corporation. Carroll Shelby and Dan Gurney entered into partnership with each other at the start of the year and formed AAR. The car was never used and sold to Chuck Jones of Team Meridian in October ‘65 with the engine still to be bolted in.

The car was first used in the Elvis Presley film “Spinout”. Shot on location between the 9th and the 11th of March ’66, the silver painted car was driven by an unknown stunt driver employed by the studio. The start and finish sequences were filmed in parking lot 21 of the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with the road racing scenes taking place on the Kanan Road highway leading from Agoura to Paramount Ranch. The car was then prepared for the USRRC for Skip Hudson.

The car was partly sponsored and entered by Lancer Racing, who made clear plastic bodies for slot-cars. The car featured a unique modified tail made by Chuck Jones which incorporated twin low-slung carburetor air intake engine scoops. Chuck also hand applied silver meta-flake paint to the wing tops and intake surrounds. A bigger rear spoiler was also fitted along with one inch wider wheels all round. Skip took five podium finishes during the season to finish 3rd overall in the USRRC and also won the Santa Barbara SCCA Nationals during the season. In July 1966, actor and amateur racing driver Steve McQueen tested the car at Riverside in a test arranged by Skip Hudson. The test took place whilst Steve was testing six road going GT cars for the American magazine “Sports Illustrated”. In the August ’66 edition, he reported that the Lola T70 was the fastest car he had ever driven around the Riverside course, at times reaching speeds of up to 157mp.

To learn more about the amazing history and stunning restoration of the 1965 Lola contact Bud Bennett (248) 431 – 1680…

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