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SOLD // SALE: 1972 Capri RS2600

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

After clinching the 1972 European Touring Car Championship, this Capri RS2600 was modified and reached in the 1973 season; where it stayed competitive until it was sold to a buyer in the United States in 1974. Once it reached the united States the Capri RS2600 saw the track twice between 1974 and 1975 before being sold to another individual in 1976. It was then raced five more times over the course of the next several years, until it was stored in a trailer in 1981.

The Capri RS26000 was located in August 2016 and began its restoration process at RM Motorsports the following December. This historic touring car retains all the factory homologation from 1973, as well as 95% of the original sheet metal and correct Weslake motor – restored by Roush Industries – as raced in the 1973 season.

Call Bud (248) 431-1680 for price and more details on this stunning restoration…

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