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SOLD // FOR SALE: Roush-Protofab Chassis #14 Trans-Am and IMSA GTO Race Car

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

In 1985, Jack Roush, Charlie Selix, and Gary Pratt formed Roush-Protofab and built 16 cars, designed by Bob Riley, for the Trans-Am and IMSA GTO series. All of the cars were very competitive.

Chassis #14 was delivered in August 1985 to Robbins Racing. Although entering the season late, it competed in five events from August to December that year. It nearly won the Watkins Glen and Year-End Daytona Race, sidelined by a relatively minor mechanical failure at Daytona and a tire failure at Watkins Glen, both near the end of each race.

At Pocono, the car finished 3rd. And it placed 3rd again at the SCCA National Champion event.

In the St. Petersburg Trans-Am race, the car was headed for a 3rd or 4th place finish out of 36 cars when an axle shaft broke about a third of the way through the street event.

In 1990, at a cost of $50,000, the car was updated to the 1990 body style. The suspension was modified, among other changes, including a rebuild on the engine.

After retiring from pro racing, Doug Richmond completely updated the car and won several vintage races with it over the course of eight years.

The engine, a 330 cubic inch displacement, was rebuilt completely by Gary Grimes of Alpharetta, Georgia. It is fresh with one vintage race on it.

The car comes with many spare parts including a Weismann spare transmission, new Bembo calipers, and three sets of BBS wheels.

In 2019, a carbon fiber rear wing was added, and RM Motorsports tested the car and made it race-ready.

Call Bud at (248) 431-1680 for pricing and more details on this Roush-Protofab Chassis 14!

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