Meet the RM Motorsports Team

Adam Baldwin
Meet Adam Baldwin. Adam has worked for RM Motorsports for 23 YEARS! You can find him working as Crew Chief at the track, and back at the shop as an expert machinist with the ability to duplicate nearly any automotive component.
Bud and Janice Bennett
Meet Bud and Janice Bennett. For years Janice has managed our human resources and keeps our books. Bud continues to be an integral part at RM after handing over the reigns to his son, Craig and daughter-in-law, Leah. Bud aides in sales and enjoys going to the track to support our customers.
Craig Bennett
Meet Craig Bennett. Craig has been working on vintage racecars for 31 years. He manages everything at the track, and that includes everything from coaching drivers to co-driving.
Leah Bennett
Meet Leah Bennett. Leah currently manages all of the invoicing, graphic design, travel arrangements for races, and photographing and documenting those races.
Jerry Danowski
Jerry has been with RM Motorsports for 2 years and is one of our street car specialists. He can fine tune your Cobra, and diagnose even the smallest issue you might be having with your most prized vehicle.
Shane Fagan
Meet Shane Fagan. Shane has been with RM Motorsports for 3 years, and specializes as a fabricator and Chassis builder. He is known to wrench at the track for the Shadow team as well!
Bill Gloeser
Meet Bill Gloeser. Bill has been with RM going on 15 years now. He's a race car mechanic by trade and travels for all the races. He's passionate about motorcycles, helicopters, and engines, and he also paints cars and airplanes in his spare time.
Dan Kenny
Meet Dan Kenny. Dan is one of the most valued employees at RM. He has been a part of the team for over 10 years and specializes in welding and fabrication. Dan is known for perfecting components for both street and race cars.
Steve McShane
Meet Steve McShane. Steve joined RM just four months ago with a specialty in fabrication and custom parts. He also owns an artist residency in Detroit, where he crafts steel sculptures.
Tony Pardo
Meet Tony Pardo. Tony has worked for RM for 13 years. Tony was hired as the "Go get it guy" 13 years ago and is now our General Manager! You can find Tony working as Crew Chief at the track, and in charge of purchasing and logistics back at RM.
Joe Sweet
Meet Joe Sweet P.E. Joe has worked for RM for 5.5 years and is our resident Performance Engineer. Joe specializes in the newer builds, and modern race cars but does work on the electronic controls and computers in all types of projects that come to RM. Having Joe as a part of the RM team has helped us step into the 21st century and offer our clients the ability to race new cars, and really expand what and where they are racing.
Kyle West
Meet Kyle West. Kyle has worked at RM for 1 year and in his words he does "Anything and Everything" at RM. He is known at the track as our tire and fuel man.
Troy Whyte
Troy has worked at RM for 4 years and is one of our resident race car mechanics. You WILL ALWAYS find Troy at the track with RM. For the 2018 racing season Troy was Crew Chief for the 1966 Lola T-70.
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