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Mustang GT350/SN 6S970

Carrol Shelby’s early success was on behalf of his high-output GT350R series of Mustang. Not only did the GT350R blaze a path of racing success, but it inspired a generation of performance-minded Shelby Mustangs to follow. For a number of years, the Shelby GT350R served as Ford’s turnkey racecar, competing heavily in the SCCA’s B/Production class. Shelby and his team achieved significant success on the track with the GT350R, taking the checkered flag at numerous events and competing at some of the world’s most illustrious venues, such as Sebring and Daytona.

This Mustang GT350/SN 6S970 was originally shipped to Young Motor Co. on February 18, 1966 for dealer prep prior to delivery to Hertz, with a price of $3,838.34. Car was then sold at the Clanton’s Auto Auction on April 19, 1967. The car was thought to have been wrecked and many of the original parts were transferred to another car. Gold LeMans stripes were added to the car. It was purchased by Mark Smith in 1975 who sold it to Howard Glick in 1976 with a replacement block and Shelby-lettered oil pan. In 1978 the car was sold to Mike O’Connell, it then had white stripes. When the car was sold in 1997 to Rob Dorris who restored it installing an R-Model roll bar. It was mechanically restored by Dave Fershtand in 2001 with a fresh 289 Hi-Po.

The car was purchased by William Deary in 2018 from Claude Malette. The car came with a 289-competition engine built by Roush. After purchasing the Mustang, William had a Jericho transmission installed in the car. He then raced it in vintage events, having logbooks from SVRA and HSR.

Call Tony Pardo at (248) 344-1515 for more details…


4 Brake Rotors

2 Brake Calipers

8 sets of Brake Pads

4 J&J Racing Shocks

1 Alternator

1 Clutch

1 Cool Suit Fan

8 Bearings

8 Spark Plugs

1 MSD Coil

1 set of Valve Covers

1 Headlight Bucket

1 Sway bar

1 Export Brace

6 Springs

5 Engine Belts

Old Drum Brake Axles

1 set of Valve Cover Gaskets

1 Steering Wheel

1 set of Spare Wheels and Tires

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